Policy enforcement regarding non-payment

As the Treasurer for the Society, I feel it is important to continue to be transparent related to issues surrounding our finances.  This notice serves to clear up already-created confusion among members of our Society as well as our clients.

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Fixture Safety & Referee Responsibility

Posted by Sigrid Valk-Feeney on February 23rd, 2017

Good afternoon.  I have been asked to send out a reminder to all referees to be cognizant of fixture safety and conditions.  Over the past few weeks, we have had at least 2 instances where padding has not been established to protect player safety.  Even though one of the matches did have player contact, LUCKILY it was not a serious instance; however, it could have been extremely serious.  Thus, I send this reminder out to ALL referees within SCRRS and SCYR we have a responsibility to ensure the pitch conditions are safe for play.  Please keep in mind this is a requirement and not negotiable, the issue is to be addressed not by the referee or the Society but directly with the host’s governing body.

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Make Up Matches

Posted by Sigrid Valk-Feeney on January 31st, 2017

Rain make up matches will be given the lowest priority for allocation Saturday because the Society allocates the referees weeks in advance.  We strongly encourage make up matches be played on a date other than Saturday.  We do not have enough referees to cover the existing schedule.  If you want experienced referees we suggest you look at mid-week or Sunday matches to help us meet your referee needs.

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Commentators Wanted for D1A Matches

Posted by Sigrid Valk-Feeney on January 25th, 2017

Hello to everyone. The Society has been asked if there is any interest out there to help provide commentary during live broadcast matches of some DIA matches within our region. I think this is a great opportunity to help educate the populous on the laws of the game while expressing your inner Dallen/Vin Scully. These activities are strictly volunteer so no reimbursement will be provided.

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Posted by Sigrid Valk-Feeney on January 23rd, 2017



We are seeing an increased lack of urgency in positioning. The key is to move early, work hard, be in the best running line to judge passes and to get to the next breakdown to have presence and make more accurate calls. Even when referees start off doing this, they often relax around 15-20 minutes. Work hard from the outset and maintain high standards.

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