How To Confirm a SCRRS Referee For Your Rugby Match

Posted by SCRRS Website Committee on October 4th, 2011

During the week before your team’s next match, click on Schedule & Assignments in the top navigation and determine your game’s referee. Then click on Referees to get the referee’s telephone number and e-mail address.

Call and e-mail the referee by Wednesday afternoon. Do not call the referee later than 7 PM. Provide the referee with the following information: (Remember to speak slowly if you leave a message.)

  • Game that you need him or her to cover.
  • Location of the game and directions to the rugby field. Include a link to your club web site
  • The kick-off time for the “A” side game or the game the ref is scheduled to referee.
  • In your email include a link to your clubs web site
  • Your jersey colors, and those of your opponent (if you know it).
  • Confirmation that your field will be lined to the appropriate size/width, and that sideline ropes will be in place.
  • Leave your cell number & email address for the referee to call and confirm that he or she can do the game,and a cell # for the ref to contact in case of emergency on game day.

If you do not get confirmation from the referee by Thursday morning, please contact the Referee’s Society Vice President ( for details on the referee assignment.

Referee Advice

The referee is the calm in the eye of the storm, and the stormier it gets, the calmer you have to be. — Bruce Carter (NCRRS)

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