Pre-match Processes for SCRRS Referees

Posted by SCRRS Website Committee on January 8th, 2010

1.  Check Schedule and Assignments and be aware of your assignments for the month.  Check again at the beginning of each week.  Assignments are often changed, but should be solid every Monday.

2.  If you have a problem with an assignment, contact Bill immediately so the SCRRS management can work it out.

3.  Each home team should be in contact with you by Wednesday to give you times, pitch directions and other details.  If you don’t hear from them, look up the contact at and phone/email them.  Also, make sure that your contact info is correct on our Referees Page.

4.  Be at the pitch one hour before kickoff.  Get Match Reports and Rosters from both teams.  It’s also good to have some blank Match Reports on hand.  They are in our Documents section.

5.  The fun part:  Boot Checks, pregame talks, Ref the match!  Fill out the Match Reports after the game and give them to the winning teams representative.

6.  Foul Play, unsafe conditions, abusive behavior and any other problems can be reported on our site: This is mandatory for Yellow and Red Cards.

Foul Play and Reporting Yellow and Red Cards

The SCRFU disciplinary committee chairman, Steve Vent, has given the SCRRS Referees a process reminder on foul play and reporting players. ** Please read the post here ** Having a good understanding of the process will help you stay calm and be able to clearly inform the player and coach of the process so everyone knows what will happen next.

Referee Advice

Take each game seriously.

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