Pre-Match Routine – at the field

Posted by Karen Fong on September 23rd, 2010

From a document provided by David Metcalfe.

Arrive at pitch one-hour prior to scheduled kick-off – set up camp in a neutral location, take a chair.

Speak with match secretary or head coach of home team to review the day’s schedule and thank them for their efforts in arranging the match.

Modestly kit up: shorts with proper sliders, solid color jersey with no number, sunscreen, two watches (real time and stopwatch), socks and boots.

– jog 2-3 laps around the pitch in a nautilus to cover the whole pitch, checking for any hazards (holes, rocks, ant beds, etc.) and the lines, in-goals, posts, nothing anything unusual that may affect the match and let captains know at coin toss
– -go back to campsite and begin dynamic warm-up, followed with static stretches
– hydrate with both water and Gatorade

Equipment Check – home team first
– have all starters and subs line up on the 10 so I can go down the line and check boots, then have them stand and go back down the line to inspect padding, taping, fingernails, jewelry, etc

Pre-Game Meeting – Touch Judges, both teams half backs, front rows and 1-3 subs, and captains upon completion of equipment check
Emphasize safety, continuity of play, sportsmanship and fun
Scrums – straight put-ins, ball is out with two hands by #9, remind of new ELV’s, take ?s
Line-outs – a wide (1 meter) tunnel, straight throw, take ?s
Dismiss half backs, and front rows, speak with both captains alone –
Captains Discussion – remind them they are responsible for disciplining their teams; Foul play, chatter and repeated infractions will not be tolerated and that options will be exercised to ensure a safe, competitive game. To include repeated infractions.

Coin Toss
– Give them ten more minutes.

Prepare Pockets
– small wallet with cards, paper (draw ledgers), two golf pencils, coin, whistle

Touch Judge Chat – review expectations, answer any ?s

Final Warm-up – stretch, 4-5 short sprints, bounding, drink Gatorade

Blow Whistle to Call Teams To Field – come on to pitch once teams have both taken sides
set watches, TJs ready, captains ready, long whistle, start watch to commence match.

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  • Jim Wilson said:

    How long should the Equipment Check and Pre Game Meeting take?

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