Schedule & Assignments

Match Official(s) Assignments


2016/17 SEASON



All Adult and University rugby matches (i.e., clubs in SCRFU or the Gold Coast Conference) in the Southern California territory (north to San Luis Obispo, east to Las Vegas and all point of California to the south) should have a match official or referee assigned via SCRRS.

League match schedules are coordinated by the SCRFU Division Representatives and the GCCIR.    SCRRS schedules referees  from  the information given to us by SCRFU and the GCCIR.

The home club for matches that are not league-related MUST request a Match Official (i.e., Referee) via the SCRRS web site  .   Our main concern is liability.  Our other concern is making sure that the Referee is up to the match.  Finally, we want to be sure that the Referee is reimbursed if they so desire.

Many of our Referees have special relationships with certain Clubs.  If you are a Referee and you are asked by a team to officiate a non league match, then tell them that you will need to be assigned by the Society and point them in our direction: