Unicorns Tournament 2014

Posted by Bill Caulfield on June 3rd, 2014
November 8, 2014

The annual Veteran’s Day 15’s rugby tournament hosted by Huntington Beach Rugby.

Information on the tournament is here.

This event coincides with our 3-day training event with USA Rugby.

Captain’s/referee’s meeting at 8:30am, first kick-off at 9:00am.

Registration is open to referees who hold a C2 grade or higher.  Please register below:

The event have ended - no more registrations are allowed. Total Attendees: 9
# Name
1. Neville Smeda
2. jason foote
3. Pete Good
4. larry gregg
5. Kevin Holmquist
6. Nicolas corcia
7. John Neiss
8. Conrad Arjoon
9. Mike Adams



  • DeLyn Barclay Wi Repa
  • Jason Foote
  • Frank Hafner
  • Phil Klevorick
  • Mike Lyons
  • Neville Smeda


Referee Advice

Be professional; i.e. on time, in proper uniform, prepared, fit, etc.

Add your favorite referee advice to our list - email us