Fight led to gunfire at Northern California rugby match

Posted by SCRRS Website Committee on March 22nd, 2010

Two spectators at a men’s rugby match at Diablo Valley College in Pleasant Hill were injured when one of them punched the other in the jaw, prompting that man to open fire with a gun, a campus official said Sunday.

The violence erupted at about 8 p.m. Saturday immediately after a game between the Diablo Gaels and the San Francisco Golden Gate Rugby Club, said college spokeswoman Chrisanne Knox. The Gaels rent facilities on campus but are not affiliated with the college, Knox said.

As the game was ending and people were heading to their cars, two spectators got into an argument on the field, Knox said. One man punched another in the jaw, prompting him to draw a gun and fire four or five shots. The man who had thrown the punch was struck by gunfire, Knox said.

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