IRB Ruling: The Hand-off or Fending

Posted by IRB Laws on December 1st, 2010

Hand Off An action taken by a ball carrier to fend off an opponent by using the palm of the hand.

Add new paragraph to Law 7 Mode of Play:
A ball carrier may hand off an opponent.

Amend Law 10 4 (f) to read:
Playing an opponent without the ball. Except in a scrum, ruck or maul, a player who is not in possession of the ball, must not hold, push or obstruct an opponent not carrying the ball.

Referee Advice

Treat coaches and players in a courteous way. If they ask you a reasonable question, answer in a polite way. If they “get your ear” by yelling at you, interrupt and remind them of the reason for the discussion. Be firm but relaxed.

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