Level 1 Officiating Course


I Might Want to Be a Referee

Been thinking about it?  Not sure?  Wondering what it would be like?  Talk to a Referee.  Referees love to talk, especially about Rugby Refereeing; why, how, what they like, what they don’t like.  Referees have many reasons for getting out every weekend, but they all remember when they weren’t sure if they wanted to try it; they all remember their first game and their first season.  Basically, they all know how you feel and they are the best people to answer your questions.  They are enjoying themselves and they can tell you why.

Why Should I Become a Referee

As we said, everyone has their own reasons.  Here are a few of the main ones:

  1. You can’t play like you used to.  Lots of us have been there:  not quite starter material anymore, only playing in Old Boys games, still sore from Tuesday’s practice on Saturday.  Yet you still want to be out on the pitch in the middle of the action.
  2. You want to help your team. Many SCRRS Referees are still playing.  The knowledge of the game they get from Referee training and experience make them and their teammates better.  Refereeing at practices and 2nds game gives them a chance to pass on their knowledge.
  3. You think you can be an International. Many people don’t realize that Refereeing is another ladder to get to the National and International game.  You may never play for the Eagles, but you may get to Ref them.  With fitness and determination, you could be in the middle of an International match in a few years.
  4. You want to get paid to watch a Rugby game. OK, Referees get reimbursed for their time.  It’s not much, but how many other hobbies pay you to participate?

Joining a Referee’s Society is just like joining a Rugby Team.  You’ll be with a group that want to see you get started right and help you move up.  Whatever your reasons, we’re here for you.

“But I’m worried about…”

If you’re ready to start, skip right right ahead.  If you still aren’t sure, well…it can be a bit daunting, and it’s possible that it won’t work out for you.  Refereeing takes fitness, discipline, mental toughness and no small bit of ego.  You will be the center of attention for good or bad.  On game day it sometimes feels like 30 players against you.  There are any number of reasons why it might not be fun on any given day.

The vast majority of new Referees get through those days and come out as better Referees.  They realize that they are there for the players and that their skills can make a mediocre game into a good game, a good game into a great game.  They also realize that the Society is there with them, to pass on the Game Management skills that can turn bad situations around.

What’s The Process?

First you’ll need to take the Level 1 course and pass the test.  It’s a one day course and it’s offered by the SCRRS every few months.  After you pass the test you’ll get your whistle and be a certified Associate Referee.

But, of course, you’ll need to get out and do it.  If you pass the course after the season you’ll be able to attend Summer Tournaments and get in your first games with a Referee Coach.  If you take the course before the season, you will be assigned as an AR for a few matches where you can watch a Senior Ref up close and ask questions.  Then you will be assigned a match of your own and assigned a Coach.

The Next Level 1 Referee Course

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