Video Example – Scrum after a maul when catcher is held

Here is a video example of a scrum after a maul when the catcher is held. The television commentators congratulate themselves for getting a law correct. Well done boys. The referee is South African Jaco Peyper.

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Law Question: Lineout receivers position

Posted by SCRRS Website Committee on May 17th, 2012

19.8 (i) Where the receiver must stand.


Must there be a receiver at every lineout? If the receiver joins the lineout before the ball has been thrown, does another member of the lineout have to drop out into a receiver position. This is before the ball has been thrown into the lineout – no one can join the lineout after the ball has started moving. Can there be a lineout with no receiver? And obviously, there cannot be two players in the scrum half position – we see this a lot! 2011 Law Book page 125. USA Game Management page 8 – lineout A.2. Also from USA Rugby Read More →

Video Example – Dead Ball Line

Posted by SCRRS Website Committee on May 11th, 2012

A video example of a TMO (Television Match Official) review of a possible try scored near the dead ball line. Did the ball touch the line? What is the ruling?

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Becoming A Rugby Referee – written by Karen Fong

Posted by Karen Fong on May 7th, 2012

Originally published in the UCLA WRAA Magazine

SCRRS Rugby Referee Karen Fong - photo by Sportwurlz

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Frank Hafner promoted to Local Evaluator

Posted by SCRRS Website Committee on April 10th, 2012

SCRRS is happy to announce Frank Hafner has been accredited as a Local Rugby Referee Evaluator. Congratulations to Frank for his hard work and dedication to watching a lot of rugby! Every weekend, Frank travels to rugby fields in all corners of Southern California, and submits reports on referees he watches. Not only is Frank providing a valuable service, he loves rugby! Congratulations Frank.