Rugby Referee Quick Quiz #1

Posted by IRB Laws on December 17th, 2009

Test your rugby referee knowledge with our Quick Quiz!


You are playing advantage for Blue’s knock on when Blue enters the tackle zone from the side, not the gate. You should recognize a new advantage for Red.

Red wing, defending against a Blue overlap at his goal line, intentionally knocks on a pass between two Blue players. You should award a penalty try between the goal posts.

Red is attacking inside Blue’s 22. Blue wrestles the ball away and throws it into touch. You should restart play with a penalty kick to Red 5 meters from touch.

Red #11 kicks the ball forward to open space, past Red #4. Red #4 knows he cannot run toward any Blue players waiting for the ball, but he wants to run to the open space where it will land. Can he?

Red #13 is smother-tackled as he carries the ball into Blue’s goal. You’re not sure whether the ball is grounded. You should ...

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