Rugby Referee Quick Quiz #3

Posted by IRB Laws on February 17th, 2010

Test your rugby referee knowledge with our Quick Quiz!


If the ball becomes unplayable at the tackle, and you don’t know which player failed to conform to the law, you should immediately award a scrum to the team taking the ball into the tackle.

Since every tackle is different, there’s no value in visualizing ideal actions by the tackler, tackled player, and arriving players.

If the tackler, tackled player, and arriving players all comply with the Law 15, the ball should be playable.

Red #15 falls on a loose ball. Before getting up, Red #15 immediately passes the ball backwards to Red #14. What do you do?

If a ball carrier is isolated from his teammates at the tackle, you should encourage the ball carrier to make the ball available.

Referee Advice

Say commands once. When you say commands over and over, you’re teaching the players that they don’t have to do it first time you say it. Say it once and hold them to it. Instead of saying it again, play advantage or penalize the player. — Bruce Carter (NCRRS)

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