Disciplinary reporting

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NOTE: ALL incidents MUST be reported within 24 hours following the match

In an effort to assist the Disciplinary Committee on making determinations related to foul play or other infractions requiring discipline, please review the following sections before completing your disciplinary report and incorporate it into your narrative as you see appropriate.

Section 17.35.6 (a)-(i) (to determine the entry point of this violation)
(a) The offending was intentional, that is, committed intentionally or deliberately;
(b) The offending was reckless, that is the Player knew (or should have known) there was a risk of committing an act of Illegal and/or Foul Play;
(c) The gravity of the Player’s actions in relation to the offence:
(i) Nature of actions, manner in which offence committed including part of body used i.e. fist, elbow, knee or boot;
(ii) The existence of provocation and whether the Player acted in retaliation and/or self-defense;
(d) The effect of the offending Player’s actions on the victim (i.e. extent of injury, removal of Player from game);
(e) The effect of offending Player’s actions on the game;
(f) The vulnerability of victim Player including part of victim’s body involved/affected, position of Player, ability to defend himself;
(g) The level of participation in the offending and level of premeditation;
(h) Whether the conduct of the offending Player was completed or amounted to an attempt;
(i) Any other feature relevant to the offending.
Section 17.35.7 (a)-(d) section 17.35.8 (i)-(vi) (to determine whether or not the sanction would be increased)
(a) An absence or lack of remorse and/or contrition on the part of the offending Player;
(b) The Player’s status as an offender of the Laws of the Game
(c) The need for a deterrent to combat a pattern of offending;
(d) Any other off field aggravating factor that the Judicial Officer considers relevant and appropriate.
Section 17.35.8 (i)-(vi) (to determine whether or not the sanction would be decreased)
(i) The presence and timing of an acknowledgement of culpability/guilt by the offending Player;
(ii) A good record and/or good character;
(iii) The age and experience of the Player;
(iv) The Player’s conduct prior to and at the hearing;
(v) Remorse for the Player’s actions and the victim Player;
(vi) Any other off field mitigating factor that the Disciplinary Committee or Judicial Officer considers relevant and appropriate.