Coaching Reports
Referee Performance Report78.5 KiB1543
Referees Coaching Report486.9 KiB1152
IRB Documents
Television Match Official (TMO) protocols174.6 KiB2052
2012 IRB Law Changes (with explainations)133.9 KiB1202
IRB Women's Rugby Plan 2011-201629.7 MiB1170
IRB Council Decisions: Notice of Approved Law Trials140.8 KiB816
IRB Rulings
Single Stud at Toe (Molded Cleats)17.5 KiB3381
IRB Concussion Guidelines244.8 KiB1400
IRB Ruling: Law 15.6 (c)48.2 KiB1307
New IRB Law Interpretations for 2010-20111.8 MiB1251
Joining a Ruck38.4 KiB1087
IRB Ruling 9: Lineouts35.4 KiB1087
IRB Memo: Areas of Emphasis for the 2011 Rugby World Cup Referees56.0 KiB1083
Law 22 – In goal39.2 KiB1049
IRB Law Clarification 2 2011126.0 KiB1041
IRB Law Clarification 4 2011557.4 KiB1004
Reduced Numbers in Scrums39.1 KiB996
Front Row Replacements30.8 KiB993
Dangerous Tackles26.3 KiB939
IRB Ruling: Time at end of half45.7 KiB904
IRB Law Clarification 3 2011546.4 KiB859
IRB Law Clarification 1 2012 Law 22105.3 KiB829
IRB Rulings: November 30th, 201042.0 KiB827
IRB Law Clarification - Law 3 Front Row Replacements143.3 KiB809
Law Trials - Scrum engagement procedure46.8 KiB696
Referee Resources
The Psychological Qualities of a Good Referee133.3 KiB11121
Training: Acceleration, Speed and Conditioning115.0 KiB7342
SCRRS Rugby Referee Scorecard - Detailed18.5 KiB5185
USA Rugby Game Management Guidelines 20132.1 MiB2310
IRB Laws 2013 EN5.3 MiB1927
Assistant Referee Guidelines327.5 KiB1809
USA Rugby Refereeing Sevens Handbook (2013)3.6 MiB1761
Fitness Test Results Form13.0 KiB1283
SCRRS Reimbursement Form (201210 XLS)21.5 KiB1149
Rugby - Adult Waiver and Release Form22.8 KiB1022
2012 USA Rugby National Sevens Referee Program Annual Report916.7 KiB955
Scotland v England (Women) RD4 Match Data81.4 KiB937
Level 1 Rugby Referee Course promotional handout1.2 MiB906
Dirty 7's Rugby Tournament366.4 KiB783
Gold Coast Match Day Procedures 2014429.9 KiB687
Gold Coast Match Roster 2014257.2 KiB519
SBTS 201458.7 KiB519
Gold Coast Match Score Sheet271.4 KiB486
USARR Tackle Positioning512.6 KiB442
CSULB Tournament Games 2014 V241.3 KiB431
FALL GM MINUTES 11092014154.6 KiB314
2015 SCRRS Referee Kit1.4 MiB307
SCRRS Bylaws NON Amended71.3 KiB274
Bylaws Update 08052015200.2 KiB225
Referee Scorecards
SCRRS Rugby Referee Scorecard - Pendergrass770.3 KiB5714
SCRRS Rugby Referee Scorecard - Alternate45.4 KiB4827
SCRRS Rugby Referee Scorecard - Basic79.2 KiB4427
SCRRS Rugby Referee Scorecard - Tally-card85.7 KiB1803
SCRFU Documents
SCRRS Match Report (Blank)41.1 KiB1524
Competition Management System - Referee Match Report (2013)68.5 KiB1069
SCYR Documents
Youth Non-Contact Rugby Laws397.3 KiB1693
SCYR Law Variations (Youth Rugby)63.3 KiB1021
Youth Playoffs Procedures and Protocols38.6 KiB998
Youth Law Variations63.3 KiB857
SCRRS SCYR Agreement Oct 142.8 MiB715