Incident Reports

Under SCRFU rules, a red card is an automatic, administrative two scheduled match/15 day suspension (whichever is longer) from participation in ALL rugby worldwide. Two yellow cards for dangerous or violent play in the same competitive season carries the same penalty as a red card. As the Referee on the pitch is the sole judge of law and fact on the pitch, there is no appeal from a red or yellow card; however, under certain circumstances, an offender may be referred to the SCRFU Disciplinary committee for consideration of additional sanctions.

Exception to Mandatory Suspension: If a player receives a red card in a match for repeat technical violations (e.g. offsides; hands-in ruck) that are neither violent nor dangerous, then the red card shall not result in a mandatory two week suspension. However, if any of the offenses that gave rise to the red card included a yellow card for a violent or dangerous nature, then the red card still carries with it the mandatory two scheduled match/15 day suspension.

Referees must notify the SCRFU Disciplinary Chair of the issuance of a red or yellow card no later than noon two days after the match, which is normally the next Tuesday by entering the incident report into the online management system.

Reported Yellow and Red Cards

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