Report Foul Play Online

Read This November 2013

Both SCRFU and the GCCIR (Collegiate) will be using the system this season to keep track of scheduling and disciplinary issues.  At this time, the SCRRS has not seen any demonstration of how this will work for the Referees.  For now, please place cards issued and other ordinary disciplinary matters on the match records given.  For more serious issues, please use the email below.

For use by referees coaches, players, & spectators etc.

Please use for any incident before, during, or after a match regarding: a) player sent off under Law 10; b) unsafe playing conditions (i.e., no rope barriers, padding on posts, on-site medical attention, improper field markers, unsafe playing surfaces, etc.); c) abusive behavior – coach, player, spectator; or d) any other complaint.

Send an email: