Fee Structure

Fees for 2016-2017 Season

Teams not affiliated with SCRFU or the GCCIR will be invoiced separately by the Treasurer.  If there has been a change in contacts, please e-mail the SCRRS Treasurer at treasurer@scrrs.net.  Please contact him before your season to make sure that you will get referees.

All fees are due and payable according to the schedule of the respective organization.  If fees are not paid in advance of the season, referee services will be withheld pending payment.  In addition, clubs will be charged a penalty of $50 for every 90 days past due.

Although the Society collects a fee for its service, there may be times that a referee does not actually show up at an event (i.e., the Society does not have an available referee to assign or the assigned referee has a personal complication that precludes her/his showing up).  We hope that we have sufficiently warned all teams that they should have at least one Certified Referee on the Club.

Assistant Referees – as of 2014 we will no longer be able to guarantee Assistant Referees on request.  If you require certified Touch Judges for your matches, please run as many of your team through the online course as possible.


Effective May 1, 2016.  Tournament fees are based on a simple formula that will let you know the final amount well in advance.

Standard 15s tournament$75 per team entered
Two Day Tournament$125 per team entered. Accomodations may be required.
7s tournament - Qualifier$125 per team entered for qualifier pool
7s tournament - Social$100 per team entered for social pool
Round Robin - Three to Four Teams$75 per team
Outside Los Angeles, Orange and San Diego CountiesAccommodations may be required in addition to fees above.

Please send all Tournament information well in advance.  Referees will require shade, water, and lunch.  Priority will be given to established Tournaments (occurring on the same weekend for five years or more) and those approved by SCRFU or the GCCIR.  Currently blocked off is the first weekend (CSULB 15s) and second weekend (Scrum by the Sea, Unicorns) in November.

Non-League Matches

Effective October 15, 2014.  The Society will provide service whenever and wherever possible for non-league matches for a nominal fee to partially cover the cost of travel and meals for the referee. (All league matches will continue to be serviced as part of the fees paid by the respective team to the Society.)

All non-league matches are defined as any match not on the Union schedule such as preseason matches, “friendlies”, visiting/touring side matches, MLR matches, round-robins, scrimmages, etc.

Center Referee Only (1st Side)$125 per match
Additional Center Referee (2nd Side, etc.)$125 per match
Team of Three (Center Referee plus two Assistant Referees$225 per match
Two Assistant Referees$100 per match

These fees are for all non-league matches scheduled two weeks in advance. Any matches scheduled without a two weeks advance notice WILL BE billed at double the standard rate.  Host teams are reminded that failure to secure approval from the Union for visiting sides will result in no referee being assigned. The time of scheduling will be taken as the time that the game was approved by the Union.

Invoices will be sent to you, via e-mail, from the referee society treasurer at the end of each month.

The fee becomes “past due” if not paid by the last day of the second month following the match/event date (i.e., for a match/event held on July 15th the “past due” date would be September 30th).  If fees are not paid by the last day of the month following the match, referee services will be withheld pending payment.  In addition, clubs will be charged a penalty of $50 for every 90 days past due.


Checks should be made payable to “SCRRS” and mailed, along with a copy of the respective invoice, to the Society Treasurer using the following address:

Southern California Rugby Referees Society
P O Box 2153
Nipomo CA 93444

You may also pay via PayPal to: treasurer@scrrs.net.

The respective fee is paid to the Society and not to the individual referee. The Society has an internal policy for reimbursing referees for expenses. The individual referee or touch-judge will not be “paid” for their services.

All members of the Southern California Geographical Region are required to participate in the program. Certified Society referees will not cover any match, practice, etc. without the expectation of a fee for services.  If they do otherwise, they may be sanctioned by the Society. Any team scheduling a match or hosting a tournament not in compliance with this policy risks sanction by the Society. There is, however, no reason why each team cannot use their own team referee to officiate non-sanctioned matches, as long as that individual is certified and registered with USA Rugby R&L — the Society encourages this. However, use of current or former team members, who are active Society referees, in order to escape paying the respective fee to the Society is not acceptable.

Although not in the Union, probationary clubs or social clubs such as Lunchtime Legends and Unicorns Old Boys will be required to pay for services, at the non-league match rate, whenever a referee is requested for matches they will be hosting.

Past Due Payments and Sanctions

Effective February 2, 2017, any team/club/college/conference/league/client who has not met their financial obligation to the Society by being current in their payments by 7pm on the Tuesday following the due date of any invoices, WILL have referees pulled from ALL future matches they are involved in until payment has been satisfied.  “Being current in their payments” means that payment must be in the hands of SCRRS Treasurer by 7pm that Tuesday.  A check cut at 6:45pm on that Tuesday with a “7-10 business days in the mail” will not count towards being current.  All applicable financial penalties mentioned above will also apply.

For any questions on this policy, you may contact SCRRS President (president@scrrs.net) or SCRRS Treasurer (treasurer@scrrs.net)