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Posted by SCRRS Website Committee on October 16th, 2012
Referee Grade General Characteristics Match Level

SCRRS Rookie

Completed the Level 1 Rugby Referee Course. Invited to attend local rugby tournament to referee alongside a season referee in shadow.


This is the first formal grade for a referee. Typically, this referee has significant development needs in some very basic aspects. He may be new to refereeing and just beginning to gain a feel for the game. He lacks mastery of the Laws of the Game. He has significant positioning problems. His communication skills will need some improvement.


This referee has a basic understanding of the laws. He knows the letter of the laws and applies them within his abilities. He may have significant problems in any aspect of the game, which can be corrected with coaching. Typically, his perspective and decisions are affected by inconsistent pace or positioning or by an over-zealous application of the letter of the laws.



Fitness is a requirement for this referee. He may lack pace in quick play, but he knows running lines to get himself into position. He is able to manage games without significant problems in the games appropriate for his level. He may influence the way the game is played, but he will be consistent and fair to both sides. The players will have to adjust to some areas of the refereeā€™s application of laws, but having done that, they will be able to play the game accordingly.




This referee has begun the transition from officiating a game according to his standard to allowing the players to play according to their abilities. There may be instances of imposition of his standard, but they are the exception, not the norm. Pace has been added to fitness. He applies advantage well in games that are played in good spirit. He is learning how to use advantage while maintaining control of an intense, fast-moving game.




This referee is able to prevent, as well as correct, problems. He has developed a style and a philosophy of refereeing that consistently work for his personal characteristics. He consistently gets players to perform according to their abilities and desires for the day. He is learning how to help players lift their game to a higher level than they may have manifested early in the match. He knows what it means to be a leader on and off the field in any level of national competition. His exposure to international competitions will help him develop the experience and confidence to represent his country well. He is learning what it means to be an ambassador for his country.



(National Panel)

This referee has mastered the art of refereeing. He consistently creates the best game of rugby at all levels of competition except those higher levels of international competition where the players refuse to respond to his clear efforts to enhance the game. He is continually refining his style to lead players out of their uncooperative spirit. With his refinement will come the ability to consistently create the best game of rugby in the most competitive of international test matches. He is an ambassador for his country and a leader both on and off the field.



This referee always creates the best game of rugby even at the highest level of competition. He is calm and effective even in the tensest moments of international competition. He is an ambassador for his country and a leader both on and off the field.


* This document will be updated by USAR before January 2013.

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