Benefits: NASO Membership

Posted by Bill Caulfield on November 7th, 2013

The EC is testing a new package of benefits for Active Members.  An Active Member will now be defined as “completed five match assignments during the Calendar Year.”   Assigned matches shall be defined as “matches involving teams that have paid fees to the SCRRS or will be invoiced for the match.”  Please note:  Youth matches, volunteer matches and Tournaments will not count at this time.

We have already put in place an increase in per diems.  As with previous years, we have CIPPed 69 Referees, Coaches and Performance Reviewers.

NASO Membership

By the end of this week, 50 Active Members will receive membership to the National Association of Sports Officials.  Please look for your email notification.  You can read about the benefits of NASO membership here, but here are the high points:

  • General Liability Insurance Protection – Provides up to $3 million per occurrence.  This applies any time you Referee a sanctioned match, Rugby or any other sport.
  • $50,000 Game Call and Assignor’s Coverage – You’re covered for claims against you alleging officiating-related errors or omissions which result in a claimed financial loss.
  • $10,000 Assault Protection Program – Up to $5,000 medical reimbursement if you are the victim of an officiating related assault. Plus up to $4,500 reimbursement of attorney’s fees for bringing a claim against the perpetrator.
  • Referee Magazine – Monthly members-only edition of Referee magazine
  • Marriott Athletic VIP card – Members receive a sport rate of up to 40% off the regular room rate at participating hotels where space is available.*

We will add another round of Membership in February if needed.

*I’ve heard from people who travel a lot that the Marriott Card is worth the price of membership.


Referee Advice

Parents say “never spank your kids when you are angry” – same goes for referees. If you’re angry at a player – he’s gotten under your skin – you need to pretend you’re not angry and make a point of dealing with his captain. Sometimes you can pretend you are angry just to make a point. But don’t talk to player in anger, that’s when you have to remind yourself that you are the professional – you’re not just another guy out there running around – you’re doing what you’ve been taught. — Bruce Carter (NCRRS)

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