Summer Level 1 – August 24

Posted by Bill Caulfield on August 25th, 2014

This may be our last chance to bring in some Rookies for 2014.

Signup information is here.

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August 2014

Big thanks to Old Aztecs who once again put on a great Tournament.  Thanks to Craig Clark of Scotland, who made it out with his entire family in tow.  Impressed with Alex Griva, who gets better every week.  The only final that went off was the Women’s:  Val Griffeth center, Surfers 1 over Surfers 2.  Craig Clark and Pete Good were standing by for their Men’s Finals when everything was rained out.  In San Diego.  In August.  Still, we did get 80% of the Tournament in before the storm.

August 14 – Rebellion v. Welsh Firemen – Thursday night match – Burbank area.  15s.  Kevin Holmquist
August 16 – Sharkapalooza Old Boys – A Street, Newport Beach – 4 of 4 Volunteers signed up.  Full.
August 16 – Surf City 7s – Huntington Beach – 4 of 4 signed up.  Full.


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