Final Per Diems for 2014 15s

Posted by Bill Caulfield on July 9th, 2014

A lot of you have had issues with getting your information in and getting a check out.  Ann is working to get every thing squared up by July 20.

In order to be sure that everyone gets sorted:  we are extending the deadline for you to get everything in to Tuesday, July 15. 

Please make sure your dates covered are in a text format (example):

Match:  Unicorns vs. SLO
Date:  02/24/2014
Function:  Center Ref
Mileage:  24 miles

No need to do the math.  If you changed matches during a week, we may not have a record of it.  Please note it and we’ll dig into the scheduling record.

Reimbursement:  Ann needs to have the original receipt to reimburse for parking and etc.  Please mail it to:

Southern California Rugby Referees Society
1286 University Ave
Ste 703
San Diego, CA 92103

Attn:  Treasurer

If you have nothing to be mailed, email the information to Ann at


Referee Advice

We try to reduce the number of times we use the whistle, we also try to reduce the number of words we say. Because when you yak too much, the players quit listening. — Bruce Carter (NCRRS)

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