New Ropes/Barriers Guidelines From SCRFU

Posted by Bill Caulfield on April 19th, 2013

The SCRFU Board has met and come out with a blanket policy for Ropes and Barriers:

  • Nobody is allowed in front of the ropes or barriers for the duration of the match.
  • This means coaches, reserve players, medical staff, photographers, spectators.  This means everyone.


  • Referee, two full sides and two AR/Touch Judges
  • Medical personnel or coaches tending to an injured player.


  • Pause the match and ask for compliance, i.e. everyone behind the ropes.
  • If they do not comply, get names (if possible) and send them away from the enclosure.
  • Further noncompliance:  end the match and report all details to the SCRFU Disciplinary Committee.

As most of you know, this policy has not been enforced over the season.  We need to enforce it now.  Please put this into your pre-game talk and make sure that both teams are aware of it.

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