New Test Goggles from IRB

Posted by Bill Caulfield on January 27th, 2014

The IRB has approved a test of “Rugby Goggles.”  Please read here for more details.

Please note:  This is not an approval for any goggles except the IRB Labeled Trial Model.  Players must produce proof that they need to use these goggles:


“It should be noted that only those Rugby Goggles carrying the official IRB Trial Approved logo will be permitted to be used in the trial, and all participants must demonstrate their need for the Rugby Goggles through a letter from their ophthalmologist (or similar expert) stating that there is an ophthalmic or medical need for their use. Inspections and checks may be performed by match referees to ensure that all participants have complied with these conditions.

The use of the Rugby Goggles is permitted in any game of Rugby. Any player who considers the risks inherent in playing with or against someone wearing the Rugby Goggles to be outside of acceptable levels of risk is free to choose not to participate in the game however the use of the Rugby Goggles is not grounds for preventing the wearer from playing in the game.”

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