Policy enforcement regarding non-payment

Posted by ncsmeda on February 8th, 2017

As the Treasurer for the Society, I feel it is important to continue to be transparent related to issues surrounding our finances.  This notice serves to clear up already-created confusion among members of our Society as well as our clients.

SCRRS has had a policy posted on our website for the past few years that indicates league season dues are payable in advance of the season, and that referees will be withheld until those season dues have been paid.  We have been relaxed in this area during the past two years, in an effort to be “the good guy” and allow for rugby to continue unhindered.

However, there have been rugby entities who have taken advantage of our gesture, which has forced the Executive Committee to put certain actions in place.  On Thursday, February 2, 2017, the EC unanimously voted to fully enforce the above-referenced policy and not assign referees to any league matches where clubs/colleges/leagues/conferences/etc have not brought their accounts current with the Society.

For some further background on this, SCRRS is still owed $18,700 from either past due payments, or current league season payments.  About 60% of that outstanding balance belongs to Gold Coast Conference Intercollegiate Rugby (GCCIR) and USA Rugby’s D1-A College Division, and relates to 2016/17 league season dues.  All payments for this league season were due by December 31st, 2016, with a grace period through January 14th, 2017.  We are now 6 weeks into the season and SCRRS can no longer continue along this path of providing services for groups who do not want to pay for these services.

Requests for payments and reminders have regularly gone unanswered and ignored.  We have had to draw the line, and thus implemented effective immediately the enforcement of the following policy which is located on our website under Fee Structure, http://www.scrrs.net/teams/feestructure/:

Effective February 2, 2017, any team/club/college/conference/league/client who has not met their financial obligation to the Society by being current in their payments by 7pm on the Tuesday following the due date of any invoices, WILL have referees pulled from ALL future matches they are involved in until payment has been satisfied.  “Being current in their payments” means that payment must be in the hands of SCRRS Treasurer by 7pm that Tuesday.  A check cut at 6:45pm on that Tuesday with a “7-10 business days in the mail” will not count towards being current.  All applicable financial penalties mentioned above will also apply.

Last night at 7:01pm, both GCCIR and D1-A had still not made any payments for their league season.  That affected about 10 matches which resulted in referees being removed from matches associated with these groups.

The alternative to this would have been referees being assigned to these college matches for free, since we cannot pay referees out of a pot that has not been filled.

For any questions related to this notification, you may shoot me an e-mail.



Neville Smeda
SCRRS Treasurer



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