Promotions 2014

Posted by Bill Caulfield on April 16th, 2014

The Promotions Committee, our Referee Coaches and our Performance Reviewers have put in a lot of work this season to make sure everyone is seen. More importantly, our Referees have improved all season long.  Promotions have been a bit backed up for a few years, but now I think we’re up to date.  This will be the last of the Mass Promotions.  From here on out we’ll promote when we’re sure, at any time during the year.  Please join me in congratulating the following SCRRS Referees.

Referees Promoted as of April 2014


Mike Adams
Chris Angelica
Ann Kristoffersen
Brandon Martinez
Joshua Pendergrass
Schalk Erasmus
Conrad Arjoon


Valerie Griffeth
Kevin Holmquist
Todd Komori
Carlos Stalgis
Daniel D’Ambrosio
Alexis Alfaro
Ruben Becerra

Watch List for Summer/Fall

Sophia Chang
Mark Richards
Neville Smeda
Matthew Kennerley
Benjamin Conway
Adam Haley
Bill Reed

Really, every Referee is on our Watch List.  All of us can improve with Coaching, self assessment and watching other Referees.  If you’re not on the list but think you should be, let me know.

Referee Advice

Be assessed regularly – always listen when offered critiques on your refereeing.

Add your favorite referee advice to our list - email us