Promotions for 2013

Posted by Bill Caulfield on October 31st, 2012

The Promotions Committee has had its first meeting for the coming season.  We haven’t really had a Promotions Committee for a few years, so many of these moves are a year or more overdue.  If you see any of these people, buy them the beverage of their choice!

New at C-3(mostly long overdue)

  • Chris Angelica
  • Ruben Becerra
  • Robert Hammack
  • Chris James
  • Phil Jones
  • Codi Jones
  • Kevin Kleveland
  • Doug Lynch
  • Francis Mariner
  • David Mason
  • Tetsuya “Ted” Nozaki

New at C-2

  • Sophia Chang
  • Mark Richards

Presidential Members

  • Bob Woerner

We’ll be trying to get Coaching Reports and/or Evaluations on every Referee this season.  The Promotions Committee will meet again in December and look over any new information we have.

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