SCRFU Sideline Code of Conduct (handout cards)

Posted by SCRRS Website Committee on February 21st, 2011

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All Southern California Rugby Football Union (“SCRFU”) clubs, players, coaches, referees, administrators and supporters are considered to be ambassadors of the sport of rugby. As such, each club, player, coach, referee, administrator and supporter in SCRFU is expected to behave with dignity both on and off the playing field. Clubs, players, coaches, referees, administrators and supports should not tolerate rude, profane, threatening or anti-social behavior of any sort which would reflect negatively on the image of their club, the SCRFU, USA Rugby or the sport of rugby in general.


The following actions occurring on the sideline at any match involving a SCRFU member club are prohibited under this Code of Conduct:

  1. Public drunkenness manifested by anti-social speech or actions,
  2. Vulgar language or obscene gestures
  3. Fighting
  4. Throwing objects onto the field of play
  5. Destruction or theft of property
  6. Unreasonable verbal harassment of a referee that goes beyond mere bantering.

Reporting of Violations

Any breach of this Code of Conduct will be subject to disciplinary action by the SCRFU Disciplinary Committee in accordance with the provisions of the SCRFU Policies and Procedures.

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