SCRRS on Facebook

Posted by Bill Caulfield on May 8th, 2014

Getting the word out is hard.  Sometimes it’s difficult to know where people get their info.  We post on the site (of course) and we send out mass emails (278 people are signed up for those), but it seems like most of our info get to those who need it via Facebook.

I think most of you have liked our page:

We have 202 likes and it seems like the place where most of our info gets out.

Since we have quite a few things we’d like to discuss with Members only, we also have a Facebook group:

We currently have 32 members.  If you are an active SCRRS Referee, you may request membership.  We tend to get more discussion here and can possibly discuss subjects not for the general public.

Referee Advice

Be assessed regularly – always listen when offered critiques on your refereeing.

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