USA Rugby and CIPP

Posted by Bill Caulfield on September 23rd, 2013

All SCRRS Referees – Please Read

The Southern California Rugby Referees Society registers it’s Referees through USA Rugby.  Through that process, they are covered for injury and liability by the Club and Individual Participation Program (CIPP).

Some teams and leagues in Southern California have recently expressed their intention to NOT use USA Rugby’s CIPP program.  Unfortunately, as a result, to the best of our understanding, those players are not covered by USA Rugby’s insurance and liability coverage (CIPP).  As a result, any referee providing referee services to teams or players not covered by USA Rugby are also not covered.  At this time SCRRS will not be scheduling any referees for any matches in which a player is not covered by USA Rugby.  Referees who officiate such a match assume any and all risk, including personal liability, as a result of providing their referee services.

You will be notified if there is any change in this policy.

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