Youth Roster Sizes

Posted by Bill Caulfield on February 14th, 2013

If you’ve been running Youth matches lately, you know that teams don’t always show up with enough players.  Here are some guidelines from SCYR:

  • For Boys U14, U16, U18, and Girls U18
  • If a team shows with fewer than 15 players, the referee will declare it to be played as 12-a-side rugby. The size of the scrum is 5 (3/2) and the defending scrum-half is not to go past the midline of the scrum (Penalty: Penalty Kick).
  • N.B.: If a team shows with fewer than 12 players the referee will declare it a friendly
    and report the game as a forfeit for the team with insufficient numbers.
  • Also note that for playoffs & championship, neither of these variations apply; a team must field 15-a-side.

Referee Advice

Your job is to establish a calm environment for the game. Nervous or edgy officials are easily spotted by the players, coaches and fans. Chewing gum, pacing around, or displaying a wide range of emotions prior to, or during, the game will make you seem vulnerable to pressure.

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