Winter AGM 1/8/17

SCRRS Winter AGM January 8, 2017

Location: CSULB,

TIME: 11 – 1:30 PM


Opening & Attendance – Sigrid Valk

ATHLINK Presentation – Dan Chase

  • Ability to track players/referees fitness level (can be personalized for the individual)
  • Coaches can set training program
  • Thoughts are, if you are willing to use it and uses it, then the society will reimburse you.

SCRFU – Nic Finney

  • Have a tribunal that is to handle all Red Cards. Working to change the culture of the Union. Match reports have started this week on WTR. Please use this so SCRFU can address the issues.
  • This is a progression, we continue to work to improve the spirit of the match.
  • Code of Conduct cards, Patrick Graham volunteered to have them reprinted so we can had them out (Phil approved).
  • Meetings are Monday night.

Special Guest – Scott Green (VP at Texas)

  • Topic, Making mistakes in the game
  • Watched video of game and talked about how we can officiate matches. Own your mistakes and share that with you coaches because it will make you better.
  • If you are going to AR, reach out to your center referee before the match.
  • Always be the best you can be.

Paddy Mac Lifetime Achievement


WTR Update /Assignments – Schalk Erasmus

  • Quick overview on how to login
  • You will use Fixtures, Appointments, Submit Expenses
  • Reviewed new Match Report , must click “Final Version” to send the report. Next to the “MR” is a “+” that is how you add the Red/Yellow card details.
  • For reimbursements go into appointments and click “Edit” on the match.
  • National Development Summit-Baltimore Jan 13-15, 2017

Treasurer Update – Neville Smeda

  • Presented 2016-17 Budget (Fiscal year is AGM-AGM)
  • You have until the 30th of the following month to claim your reimbursement.

Records & Communication – Sigrid Valk-Feeney

  • If you have changes to your contact info continue to update me.

Sponsorship Update – Phil Klevorick

  • Discussed some of the opportunities that we are looking at.

President’s Update – Phil Klevorick

  • State of the Society
  • Safety During the Match, updates on what we have going. Keep the focus on the tackle, accidential contact no advantage on reckless immediate penalty, yellow or red cards.
  • Singapore/Hong Kong Development Update
  • NDS – Will be addressing some issues related to Black Market events and Educator support.
  • HP Camp and LVI – March 1-4, 2017 – Phil Klevorick


Asked for details regarding D1A, shared the activities that occurred and then where we are to date.

Educators and Coaching, we will support local educators. A lot of discussions going on. Want an Educator Block **** Get with Neville on the website.,   Need to get with Evan.