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Update from Treasurer

By SCRRS, 12/21/17, 7:45PM PST



Some important information regarding finances, payments, reimbursements, and assignments:

  • The Society's financial position is excellent, with a strong incoming cash flow and a large encumbrance in reserves.
  • Unfortunately, all payments and reimbursements are still on hold until further notice pending several action items by other members of the Executive.
    • Note: some of you have requested payment for matches/tournaments you ref'd with an expired CIPP (USA Rugby registration).  These are ineligible for payment or reimbursement.  
  • We have just begun our 2nd year of a 3-year agreement with WhosTheRef, the provider of our allocation system. 
    • It is very important to note that only matches assigned through WhosTheRef are sanctioned assignments by SCRRS, and are thus eligible for payment and reimbursement. 
    • Assignments coming through text messages, emails, Facebook posts, tweets, or any other system are not official and you run the risk of not being paid for a non-sanctioned match.
    • If you are not fully CIPP'd (registered with USA Rugby), you cannot be assigned to SCRRS-sanctioned matches.
  • The center referee fee for adult matches the coming 15s season remains the same at $70 per match and 20c per mile.  If you drive a round trip of more than 200 miles in one day, you'll get to enjoy an additional $25 to cover a meal.
  • The one difference this season is that there is no match payment cap on a per diem basis.  Meaning that each match gets paid out at the full "per match" rate.
  • New to payments this season is a payment structure for youth matches, which you can view under "Reimbursements" on the "For Referees" menu.
  • As an Executive Committee we have been discussing options of changing the payment structure for tournaments.  This will be an active on-going discussion as we analyze what the financial impact would be to hosting clubs, the Society, and referees.  We are looking at paying referees for every match they referee at a tournament rather than a flat "per day" rate.  My hope is to have this rolled out in time for the Summer 7s tournaments.
  • Great news for those of you pulled your hair out last season with regards to submitting through WhosTheRef - you no longer have to go back to "Submit Expenses" and finalize your submission.  Once you enter your expenses, you're done.  I'll do the rest!  This new process will be much smoother for both the referee and your Treasurer.
  • Reminder that if you want to be paid via PayPal, please write that in the notes section along with your PayPal email address.
    • When we resume paying referees, my goal is to make payments every other weekend so you can enjoy a regular "side income" and we'll be able to have an accurate accounting of our financial status.
  • Our 501(c)(3) status is still pending.  Therefore for tax year 2017 I will not be sending out 1099s.
    • However, effective January 1st, 2018 - every match payment you receive from SCRRS will be part of your 1099 record for tax year 2018. 
    • IMPORTANT: If you want to receive match payments in 2018, you must send me a completed and signed W-9.  The link is on the "Reimbursements" page under "For Referees" menu.  No W-9, no match payments.  Note: this process does not apply to reimbursements, only match payments. 
  • Reminder that after you referee 3 SCRRS-sanctioned matches or tournaments, you are eligible to be reimbursed for your registration renewal.  Include in the notes section of your expense submittal.

I'll be taking a break until after the New Year because it is going to be another very busy season, and I need a holiday after a challenging pre-season.  If you have any questions about any of the above, you can email me ( but I may not get back to you until the new year.  On that note, I'd like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!