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From the Desk of the President

By Phil Klevorick, 02/13/18, 9:15AM PST


Good morning referees. Happy Pre-Valentine's Day! UPDATE:

All adult matches including SCRFU, NSCRO, DIA, USARU, WPL, playoffs, etc will once again be exclusively allocated through Whos The Ref (WTR). This will include coaching and AR assignments for adult matches. WE are hopeful to role this out today. Some 'B' side matches may need to be added or other minor changes. WTR will make assignments up to 4-6 weeks in advance. Schalk and myself will manage these assignments.

All SoCal Youth allocations will continue to use MatchApp. We are trying to get youth to move more matches to off peak times. PLEASE PLEASE understand this is a transition period and to check your assignments using both at least for now. IF you note a conflict, please advise immediately s owe may endeavor to remedy ASAP. I will be notifying the respective governing bodies today to advise and to verify accuracy in the remaining schedule.

I know it has been tough these 2 months and know we are working to make this as positive transition as possible. Check both allocations to ensure you are not double-booked early. IF you have a youth match on Saturday, make sure you are DONE no later than 1100hr so you are 'fresh' for any adult appointment later that day.

Thank you all for your understanding and your hard work.

Respectfully and positive