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By Secretary, 08/20/18, 11:45AM PDT


Dear SCRRS Members, 


This Memo is to notify you of the upcoming SCRRS AGM. We will hold the meeting as follow:

  • -    When: Saturday September 15th 2018 – 1PM to 4PM
  • -    Where: CSULB – Kinesiology Building


A Banquet will follow the meeting at 5.30 PM at Claim Jumper (6501 E, CA-1, Long Beach, CA 90803).


We will address the following order of business:


  1. 1.    Roll Call


  1. 2.    Read of the preceding minutes (June 2018 Meeting)


  1. 3.    Report of Officers:
    1. a.    President
    2. b.    VP
    3. c.    Treasurer
    4. d.    Secretary


    1. 4.    Reports of Committees:
    2. a.    RDO
    3. b.    Coaching
    4. c.    Education
    5. d.    R&L
    6. e.    Youth


    1. 5.    Old & Unfinished Business
    2. a.    Clients Relationship
    3. b.    Sponsorship
    4. c.    Allocation Software (WTR & Advantage)


    1. 6.    New Business
    2. a.    Awards
    3. b.    Promotions
    4. c.    Election of Directors & Officers
    5. d.    By-Laws Update & Vote


    1. 7.    Adjournment



As a reminder, only active members will be able to attend the meeting, and only voting members will be allowed to vote.


An active member:

  • -    Has to be CIPP with USA Rugby as of 8/31/2018,
  • -    Has to have sent to the Secretary the appropriate proof of CIPP currency on or before 8/31/2018,
  • -    Has to be an active participant of SCRRS.


A voting member:

  • -    Has to be an active member of SCRRS  as described here above,
  • -    Has to have performed at least 5 SCRRS sanctioned assignments.


Based on the criteria mentioned above, please find attached the list of active members and voters. If you feel that you belong to one or both category, but your name has been omitted, please reach out immediately to the Secretary to check on your status, which would have to be cleared on or before 8/31/2018.


A voting member will be allowed to hold one and one proxy only. The proxy must be communicated electronically to the secretary (  no later than 24 hours prior to the day of the election.


To facilitate the election that day, all candidates are gently required to send their candidacy along with the position they would run for at least two weeks prior to the election.


If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to any executive members.


We look forward to meeting you all at the AGM.



Nicolas CORCIA

SCRRS Secretary