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2018 AGM Minutes

By Gilbert De La Garza, 10/13/18, 12:15PM PDT


Dear SCRRS Members,


Please find below minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on aturday September 15th 2018 at the Kinesiology building, Room 58, of the CSULB.


  1. Roll Call

The AGM started at 1:10 PM on Saturday September 15th 2018.

30 People were present, including 7 proxies.

Quorum was set at 22 People (87 Members): Quorum was met and meeting can be held.


  1. Read of the preceding minutes (June 2018 Meeting) by President.


  1. Report of Officers:

    1. President

15’s season summary

7’s season summary

Update on USA Rugby status and future

    1. VP

President presented the situation of software allocation (Who’s The Ref)

    1. Treasurer

Treasurer presented 2018 closed financials, and introduced 2019 Budget.

    1. Secretary

Secretary presented situation of the society from an admin stand point, and difficulty to gather paperwork and documentation from members.


  1. Reports of Committees:

    1. RDO

President and DeLyn Wirepa discussed referee development and course given throughout the year, and the need to improve structure moving forward.

    1. Coaching

Mark Handel explained his disappointment for the lack of involvement and participation of CMO during the 2018 season, and the need to set structure for the upcoming season.

    1. Education

DeLyn Wirepa presented the summary of courses given throughout the year (11 Total), but the difficulty to gather students, and above all keep them engaged after the courses.

    1. R&L

President presented the lack of engagement of this committee at USA Rugby level.

    1. Youth

President presented the situation of the Youth rugby in regards to SCRRS: SCRFU was and is the main client of SCRRS, SCYR, because of its growth, was in need of more resources, and decided to break away from SCRRS.

Bert Moeller, new SCYR RDO, explained his actions at the SCYR level, and reassured the members about his willingness to go along SCRSS requirements in terms of teaching and development.


  1. Old & Unfinished Business

    1. Clients Relationship

President went over the relationship with SCRFU, GCIR and Youth for the most part.

    1. Sponsorship

Secretary mentioned the current sponsorship with Parex USA, but he lack of any other involvement at this level.

    1. Allocation Software (WTR & Advantage)

This topic was addressed in the VP report.


  1. New Business

    1. Awards

Awards were given to each individual accordingly by the president

Referee’s Referees of the Year: Paul-Henri Courbier

Most Improved Referees: Austin Reed and Nicolas Corcia

Rookie 15’s: Jason Gonzales

Rookie 7’s: Sergio Rangol

Coach of the Year: DeLyn Wirepa

Best Advocate: Vince McLeod

President’s Award: Roche Sanchez

10 Matches & Above: President gave gift dinner cards away to members meeting this criteria.


    1. Promotions

Several Referees were promoted to C2, C1 and B3 Panel.


    1. Election of Directors & Officers



Nomination: Nicholas Ricono was the only nominated to the role of President.

Nicholas Ricono gave his candidacy statement.

Members vote by hand unanimously.

Nicholas Ricono has been elected new president of SCRRS unanimously.


Sr Vice President

Nomination: Marquise Goodwin and Dan Chase were nominated to the role of Sr Vice President.

Marquise then Dan gave their candidacy statements.

A ballot vote was then run, and results as follow:

  • 15 votes for Marquise Goodwin

  • 8 Votes for Dan Chase

Marquise Goodwin has been elected Sr Vice President of SCRRS with 15 votes against 8.


Vice President

Nomination: DeLyn Wirepa, Mark Handel Dan Chase were nominated to the role of Sr Vice President.

Mark then DeLyn gave their candidacy statements.

A ballot vote was then run, and results as follow:

  • 16 votes for DeLyn Wirepa

  • 7 Votes for Mark Handel

  • 0 Votes for Dan Chase

DeLyn Wirepa has been elected Vice President of SCRRS with 16 votes against 7.



Nomination: Neville Smeda was the only nominated to the role of Treasurer

Members vote by hand unanimously.

Neville Smeda has been elected new treasurer of SCRRS unanimously.



Nomination: Gilbert De La Garza was the only nominated to the role of Secretary

Members vote by hand unanimously.

Gilbert De La Garza has been elected new secretary of SCRRS unanimously.


    1. By-Laws Update & Vote


Mark Handel was invited to present the updated By-Laws proposed to the members. Several members raised their voice to explain pros & cons of the new model.

A motion to approve the By-Laws was proposed and the Secretary engaged a vote:

  • Approving updated By_laws in its entirety: 17 Members

  • Rejecting the updated By_Laws in its entirety: 6 members


The updated By_laws have been approved as is, and will be implemented by the New Executive Committee once the AGM is adjourned.


  1. Adjournment


The AGM was adjourned at 4:45 pm on Saturday September 15th 2018 PST.