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Liability Coverage for Non USAR Competitions

By Secretary, 12/07/18, 3:15PM PST


Be aware that there is a new High School league this year that is operating outside of USAR compliance. None of the teams/players/coaches/etc are CIPPed with USAR and will, therefore, not carry the liability insurance provided by USAR.

SCRRS will not be assigning any of these HS games, or any other youth games. So, unless the match is assigned by SCRRS through Who's The Ref, you will not be paid by SCRRS.

As referees in the area, If you are approached by any team or entity requesting you referee these games or scrimmages, be aware that they are not covered by USAR liability insurance. If you are a member of NASO, there is some liability coverage for those type of matches through that organization. Please be aware of the potential problems and let the EC know if you have any questions.