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2019 AGM

2019 AGM

  1. Roll Call

The AGM started at 1:54 PM on Saturday September 21st, 2019.

8 People were present,14 proxies, and 2 on online (Zoom).

Quorum was set at 24 People (61 Members that paid dues as per the P&P’s): Quorum was met, and meeting can be held.


  1. Read of the preceding minutes of FGM (December 2018 Meeting) by President.


  1. Report of Officers:
    • President
  • Survey Results
  • Discussed on having weekly feedback sessions
  • Scheduling Issues
  • Discussed Positive Culture, with emphasis on more Women and Youth Referees
  • The Rebuilding of old relationships: PRP, D1A, and Women’s College.


  • VP
  • Enlisted the of services by Greg Watson from New Zealand, Greg. He is a a High-level referee coach, reviewer, and Administrator for Auckland and New Zealand. He will be visiting from New Zealand in the Month of October and will have clinics in, San Diego, Los Angeles, and Santa Barbara/SLO.
  • New level system replacing the letter grading system, A, B, and C. The new system will be comprised of numbers 1-10, details to be release in the coming months.
  • Continuing the development that was started in the 2018-2019 season.
  • Goal Setting for referees and coaches.
  • Issues with scheduling, Who’s The Ref. and the final decision to abandon the current scheduling system. Replacement system to be determined prior to the 2019-2020 regular season



  1. Elections (Held early to allow members that live far to vote and leave)


  • Election of Officers



Nicholas Ricono has been elected re-president of SCRRS by acclimation.


Vice President

Marquise Goodwin has been re-elected president of SCRRS by acclimation.



DeLyn Wi Repa has been re-elected president of SCRRS by acclimation.



Neville Smeda has been re-elected treasurer of SCRRS by acclimation.



Gilbert De La Garza has been re-elected secretary of SCRRS by acclimation.


  1. Treasurer
    • Issues with WTR, specifically reimbursements, due to conflicting entries by various RLO’s nationwide. Issue arose late in the season.
    • Disclosed financials, we currently have a little over $10,000 in the bank. Exact numbers to be released in the FGM due to payments coming from USA Rugby that week in the near future.
    • Discussed FTP (Franchise Tax Board), from 2014.


  1. Secretary
  • New email notification system to be implemented, most likely will be google groups.
  • Discussed implementation of more communication between referees via social media or group discussion platforms or laws, issues, and general questions for the society.
  1. Radios have been collected to catalog, create a checkout system, and possibly add a tracking system


  1. RDO


  • Discussed the training and certification sessions that took place this year.
  • Went over Development for the upcoming season


  1. Old Business
    • No old business


  1. New Business
    • Awards
  • Awards were given to each individual accordingly by the president

          Referee of the Year 15: Austin Reed

          Referee of the Year 7’s: Jacob Gonzalez

          Rookie of the Year: Bradly Davidson

          Most Improved Referees: Barry Zeait

          Iron Man: Matt Rico

          Coach of the Year: Mark “Tigg” Handel

          Dinner cards for matches completed: 7 to 14 - $25 15 & Above $50.00 : President gave gift dinner cards away to members meeting these criteria.

  • New system for Red/Yellow cards to be implemented due to WTR being abandoned next year.
  • Discussed disciplinary committee on the SCRFU and SCRRS side.
  • New Logo


  1. Adjournment


The AGM was adjourned at 4:45 pm on Saturday September 21st, 2019 PST.

2019 AGM